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My Story


Hi, I’m Nichole Michele. A once single Human Resources Professional from New Jersey now happily coupled and pursuing my true passion while residing in the Greater Pittsburgh area with our two furry four-legged “children.”

How did I get here? I asked myself that question many times. I lived my entire life in New Jersey. I’m a Jersey Girl! I was born there, went to college there, my friends and family are there. It was home. Additionally, I spent the last 15+ years working very hard to build and advance in my HR career. I put myself through graduate school while employed, was an active volunteer and leader in the HR community, and constantly sought new opportunities to enhance my skills and expertise. I was incredibly independent and truly enjoying my life!

However, life has a way of throwing in the unexpected. I met the man of my dreams, and married him at the ripe old age of forty-four. He whisked me away from my career and New Jersey two weeks after we were married and we have not looked back. Years later, we are living in a great new city; we’ve visited a number of countries, and enjoy a marriage filled with love, laughter, and adventure.

For this, I’m what you call the “trailing spouse” because I gave up my corporate career to follow my husband for his work. Looking back now, it doesn’t seem like much of a sacrifice. We’ve been fortunate to be able to take advantage of remarkable opportunities. And, we look forward to what’s next – wherever that may take us.

Although it may sound exciting, it does not mean I didn’t experience uncertainty or anxiety. I’m independent by nature and my identity was characterized by the HR career I no longer had in Corporate America. I thought about returning to the “traditional” workforce, but it was difficult to move beyond the stigma that I would leave again. Additionally, working the so-called regular business hours no longer fit with the life we want to enjoy. Flexibility is now the norm. Did this mean my HR career is over?

During one of my morning runs, I experienced an aha moment! Health and fitness is a big passion of mine and I was thinking about some new changes I wanted to make to my routine (STRATEGY and CHANGE MANAGEMENT). Over the years I’ve tried many products, programs and diet plans – each with their pros and cons – but helpful where I was fitness-wise at that time (GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT).  Many of the tips and strategies learned I incorporate into my lifestyle, which allows me to sustain my weight loss for over 15 years (EFFECTIVE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT).  I’m extremely proud of that accomplishment (GOAL ATTAINMENT)!  It’s my motivation for staying healthy and in shape (ACCOUNTABILITY). I also enjoy trying new workouts (CONTINUOUS LEARNING), sharing my fitness journey with others (RELATIONSHIP BUILDING), and COACHING others to achieve their fitness goals. I began to realize that I managed my healthy and fit lifestyle as a CEO would run a business and I was my own HR Partner!

Today, I am a health and fitness coach and work with many individuals near and far who are actively pursuing a healthier and fit lifestyle by incorporating these success strategies and tactics.

My life didn’t turn out exactly as planned and it is certainly never too late to start over. Sometimes happiness and success is found by taking charge over our capabilities with purpose and intent.

Are you ready to take charge? I would love to help get you there! Let me be your HR Partner along your fitness journey to living a healthy and fit lifestyle.

“I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter.” ~ Walt Disney