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Tuesday Tips | Nichole Michele - Part 2

Tag: Tuesday Tips

4 Quick Tips for Finding Time to Workout

One of the most common excuses I hear for not working out is “I just don’t have the time.” But, while I will agree that many days are filled with shifting priorities and time-blasters, I do not feel that health and fitness goals should fall to the wayside. So how do you find the time …

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5 staples for your freezer

  A major key to eating healthy during the week is to plan and prepare your meals in advance – especially with busy schedules and shifting priorities that happen through the course of any given week.  Therefore, I decided to build on my previous post, 10 healthy food options to stock in your fridge and pantry, …

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5 Tips to Keep your Fitness New Year’s Resolutions

Millions of people around the world have made their annual New Year’s resolutions with good intentions. Then on January 1 (ok, maybe Jan 2), the gyms are packed with men and women motivated to achieve their fitness goals. However, maintaining this motivation can be difficult. Now that it’s mid-January, many are beginning to struggle and …

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10 healthy food options to stock in your fridge and pantry

Looking for some healthy food options  to keep in your fridge and pantry?  Here are 10 to get you started: AVOCADOS!! – Yes, I’m yelling because I love them and they are first on my list 🙂 I eat half an avocado with my eggs each morning.  They are a great source of healthy fats …

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15 Best Workout Tips of All Time

Working out is a process that evolves for all of us over time.

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If you don’t have junk food around the house . . .

If you don’t have junk food around the house, you’re less likely to eat it! If all you have is healthy nutritious foods around the house, you’re forced to make smart choices. Basically, it all starts with making smart choices and avoiding temptations when you make your trip to the grocery store. Pretty simple concept …

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Need new sneakers? Here are some quick tips!

My husband and I love to run! So with the miles that we put on our running gear it’s important that they are comfortable and well-fitting. It’s about that time to invest in a new pair so here is a quick tip to keep in mind:

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