How to Eat More Whole Foods Each Day


Once you understand what whole foods are, you can then begin to recognize why they are so important to the overall health and wellbeing of your body and mind. Whole foods are intended to be eaten as is and accepted for what their values and benefits are. When you eat a whole food, you offer your body a host of bountiful nutrients and benefits. One of those benefits is to allow your body to function the way that nature intended it.

The old adage that knowledge is power certainly does apply to whole foods. If you know how beneficial they are for maintaining weight loss and boosting metabolism, you will certainly find creative ways to incorporate those whole foods into your diet.

Thankfully, Mother Nature had it all figured out when it came to whole foods. Not only do they have the benefit of vitamins, minerals (being all-natural) and providing your body with the ability to function properly and lose weight, they are also extremely portable.

For example, how easy is it to grab an apple, an orange, or a banana as you are running out the door? We all know female friends who put their makeup on at a red light. How about taking that time to eat a banana or an apple on the way to work? If you wake up ten minutes earlier and put your makeup on at home, then you can use your red-light time for something much more productive like eating a fruit-filled breakfast.

Whole foods such as potatoes and even sweet potatoes can be microwaved as well. Since just about every office or workspace has a microwave, wrapping a sweet potato or two in a paper towel and placing it in the microwave has never been easier. You can achieve the benefit of that whole food with the ease and convenience of the microwave.

Whole foods come in many varieties, shapes, and forms. A skinless piece of chicken breast is a whole food as long as it is not processed nor has anything added or taken away in the process. An egg can be considered a whole food as well. A hard-boiled egg as a snack is better than processed egg whites from a carton that has salt added to it.

With a little preparation, you can take something like leftover chicken breast and turn it into a healthy chicken salad. Even cherry tomatoes make great little snacks you can pop into your mouth.

With a little effort, minimum time, and some creativity, incorporating whole foods into your diet should be a piece of cake.

– Wishing you continued success in your fitness journey!

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