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Health & Fitness Changed My Life | Nichole Michele

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Health & Fitness Changed My Life

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20160511_155618-2Yep, I’m lucky! I get to follow my passion, earn a living, and help others in the process. I had a great career traditional Corporate America, but I wasn’t passionate about it. Health and fitness is what I’m drawn to and coaching others to be their best always came to me naturally. So when the opportunity to combine my passion and abilities came together, how could I say no?! The timing was right and I have not looked back.

Today, I earn a living by:

  • Living a healthy lifestyle, working out and sharing my fitness journey

  • Helping others like me get results from doing a fitness program and providing nutrition basics.

  • Inspiring others to change their lives – join a fantastic team and learn how to create success!!!!

  • Making new friends through social media.


  • I enjoy flexibility by working my own hours in my home office or on the go.

  • I am present with my family everyday!

So it saddens me when others look at what I do as selling instead of helping and inspiring someone to be successful at their goals. The fact is, that most of my efforts are on providing people with support on their goals and fitness journey. Most of my time is spent building relationships with others and after connecting with them. If I have something that can benefit them or fulfill a need, of course I’m going to SHARE that solution with them. I do the same thing when I learn about a new recipe, a great restaurant, a fantastic spa, and sales on clothing and shoes. Don’t you? So why not coaching and fitness?

I wish someone had shared with me sooner about the support and accountability available to assist me along my fitness journey. It may have spared me some of the setbacks or at least assisted with navigating through the obstacles and keeping me motivated. However, the path I’ve taken has created tremendous empathy in me and fueled my energy and drive to succeed at my own goals and inspire others to do the same.

Would you benefit from having a coach?

  • As your coach, I will motivate you when you can’t motivate yourself. I’ve been there and understand how difficult the fitness journey can be because I am working on my own goals as well.

  • As your coach, I will help you find a workout program that best fits with what you want to accomplish. There are a number of programs available to suit your preferences, schedule, and abilities.

  • As your coach, I will diligently search to provide a variety of healthy recipes that you can easily make on your own! I can also help you create a meal plan that best suits you and your needs. No, I’m not a nutritionist, but I have access to trainers and experts who provide meal-planning oversight.

  • As your coach, I will lead by example. Each day you will be a part of my own fitness journey. I’m not perfect. I miss workouts. I don’t eat right 100% of the time. But I do make a great effort to follow an 80/20 healthy lifestyle balance.

If you believe you can benefit from this, then please reach out.


Do you love helping others?  If you’re someone that’s interested in a business where you get to wake up everyday, share your journey and connect others with information and resources that are life changing, then please CONTACT ME!

We are a team dedicated to creating value and working diligently while providing for our families.

– Wishing you continued success in your fitness journey!

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