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Accountability Partners = Fitness RESULTS! | Nichole Michele

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Accountability Partners = Fitness RESULTS!

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When my husband and I first started dating, he had about 25 pounds to lose. He later told me that at the time, he had rarely worked out and his eating habits were not the best. It was not uncommon for him to indulge in fast food and DiGiornio’s homemade pizza. This was completely opposite to my healthy and fit lifestyle! I can’t tell you the last time I ate fast food. And as far as my workouts, I faithfully got up each morning to get in a session and could frequently be found in the gym during the evenings. That was my schedule for YEARS! Could two people with such different lifestyle habits make it work? Which lifestyle would dominate? Well, you already know he’s now my husband ☺! So what happened?

Well, it turns out that my future husband at that time had quite the athletic background. He played hockey in high school and college and had even run a marathon. But like so many others, the demands of family, work, and life stepped in and fitness fell to the wayside. After awhile, routines and habits became a way of life and the need to change what had become comfortable was not top of mind. Sound familiar?

Throughout our dating, he saw the lifestyle that I live each day and his interest became amplified. Yay! I was delighted that his inner health and fitness enthusiast was awakened and decided to hang around. Over the course of months, we started going to the gym together, running 5Ks, cooking healthy meals, and completing a round of P90X. Fitness was FUN and something we enjoyed doing together. We also learned to keep each other accountable and we both experienced great results. In fact, he lost those 25 pounds! I look back now and I’m so proud of him and what we were able to achieve together. #healthandfitnesswins! ☺

The Importance of Accountability:

Today I think about how great it is to have a partner sharing a healthy and fit lifestyle with me. There were a couple of cold mornings when I really did not want to get out of bed and he motivated me to get up and workout with him. There were also some days where I had to do this for him as well. It really is important to be held accountable and receive support while on your fitness journey. This truly resonated with me! It greatly contributes to achieving results. Do we both have days where we feel lazy and want to indulge? Absolutely! But, we maintain balance and try to follow that 80/20 rule.

I realize that not many are this fortunate and lack the support and resources necessary to be successful with their fitness goals. I also realize that a lack of accountability and support during my fitness journey significantly contributed to my ups and downs over the years. These realizations and my passion for health and fitness lead me down the coaching path. I’ve been there and understand the challenges.  I’m driven to help others with their journeys and enjoy sharing the triumphs and trials of my own path as well.

If you feel you would benefit from accountability and support, let’s talk.  I would love to hear your story and learn how I could help. I host fitness challenge groups each month that will help get you back on the right track. Fill out the form below and I will get back to you shortly.

– Wishing you continued success in your fitness journey!

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