5 Ways to Fit in Fitness


When it comes to exercise, we all have the best intentions. First, we make a decision to exercise, next we announce it to our family and friends, and finally, we go all out and purchase new workout gear and join a new gym. Then something happens, or rather does not happen. We cannot seem to find the time or the desire to finish what we wholeheartedly started. Sound familiar?

This is the story of so many across the world who venture down the path of incorporating health and fitness into their lifestyle. But, whenever we incorporate something new into our life, whether it is diet or exercise, we must first realize that it is, in fact, new. We must incorporate a new habit into our lives on a daily basis. And, therein lies the problem. We are so stuck in our old patterns that we do not even begin to know how to add something else into our already busy lives.  Here are 5 ways to get you started:

1. PUT IT IN WRITING. Put the word Workout or Zumba or Yoga on your calendar in bright red ink. Schedules the dates and time each week and put it everywhere from a cell phone reminder to an email notification to yourself. Putting things in writing seems to have a commitment to accomplish the task attached to it.

2. REMOVE AND REPLACE. Rather than trying to cram one more thing into an already hectic schedule, examine your schedule to see what you can remove and replace with your new-found love of fitness. Perhaps an hour of social media activities can be removed, or DVR your favorite TV shows to fit in a workout in its place. You can always plan some catch up time over the weekend.

3. Go TO BED 30 MINUTES EARLIER. Then, get up 30 minutes earlier to fit in a workout. This may be difficult at first.  But over time, not only will you see that this minor shift will give you the extra time in the morning, but it will change the entire outlook of your day.

4. GIVE SOMETHING UP. Often times when we want to achieve a new goal we fall short because we are not willing to give something up. We want to add this new goal to an already packed schedule. Perhaps, giving up Happy Hour every other Friday or giving up sleeping late two Saturdays per month will do the trick. What can you give up?

5. CONSIDER A LUNCH HOUR WORKOUT. Take a good long hard look at your lunch hour. Is there any way that you could take 30 minutes for a brisk walk and then the other 30 for actual eating?

Whether you realize it or not, finding more time to exercise is not simply a matter of time, it is a matter of practice, thinking, and creating as well. When you have the incentive, you will find the time.

– Wishing you continued success in your fitness journey!

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