4 Quick Tips for Finding Time to Workout


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One of the most common excuses I hear for not working out is “I just don’t have the time.” But, while I will agree that many days are filled with shifting priorities and time-blasters, I do not feel that health and fitness goals should fall to the wayside. So how do you find the time to fit in some workout routines in an already packed schedule? Here are my top 4 tips:

Prioritize: Make exercise a key priority in your lifestyle. We all make time for the things that we value and are important to us. Therefore, health and fitness should be at the top of the list. Look at it this way, with an increased fitness level, more energy and focus, and an improved mood (all benefits of working out), you will be able to participate in and better enjoy the other activities in your life as well.

Plan: Look at your schedule and find a time that works best for you. It could be first thing in the morning (this may require you getting up a bit earlier) before the madness of the day or directly after work to help you blow off some steam. Whatever that time that works best, block it for your workout. This is your time; so make sure you do what is necessary to keep this scheduled commitment to yourself.

Switch off the TV/Shutdown your PC: Research shows that the average adult spends nearly 16 hours each week watching TV. When we consider the amount of hours we spend on our mobile phones, tablets, and PCs, the amount of time we are sedentary increases tremendously. Challenge yourself to switch off the TV, put down the gadgets, and workout instead.

Make your workout fun: It’s not a problem making time for the things that we have fun doing, so make your workout as fun as possible. There are so many fitness activities available that you can do at home, at a gym, or outdoors. So make a point of trying new things to find something that you enjoy. I started hot yoga on a whim about a year ago and have been hooked ever since. You just never know what you may find and truly enjoy. The added benefit is that you will be getting in shape in the process.

– Wishing you continued success in your fitness journey!

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