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Brodie: My Little Buddy


20150707_185225Meet Brodie! Otherwise known as my crazy canine and love of my life (besides my hubby of course). He is a 13 year old yorkiepoo that I’ve had since he was 9 weeks old. I grew up with cats so I had know idea what I was getting into. But from the time I saw him, I knew he was my fur baby and we were destined to figure it all out together. And boy, did he enter my life at the right time!

When I say that he has been there during the most stressful days of my life, that could not be a truer statement. He’s licked away my tears from the painful loss of close family members, lonely nights, and dating disasters. He’s braved New Jersey winters, the dog days of summer and Hurricane Sandy. He adapted well with two NJ moves and our move to Pennsylvania. Through it all, he takes it in stride.



Each day he amuses me with his many, many idiosyncrasies! Refusing to eat his food from a bowl, barking at his food, playing with his food, flipping over his water bowl, hiding his toys, following me everywhere, stealing my socks, knocking the pillows off the bed and couches, and laughing in his sleep (really). The list goes on! He drives my crazy at times, but he makes me laugh even more.

If you have a pet, I’m sure you’ll agree that life is a bit sweeter with these furry ones around!