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Aug 02

Unhappy? Simple Things to Change Your Mindset

Life is not perfect at all times. On the surface, it may appear that way when observing others. But the fact is, we’re all human and will be affected by the unhappy bug at times. This can be further exasperated if you are a trailing spouse in unfamiliar surroundings and without your usual support network …

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Jul 28

Volunteer to Increase Satisfaction

Are you a trailing spouse, unemployed, or looking for something more meaningful in your life? Volunteering is an excellent way to meet new people, find fulfillment and satisfaction, use your skills and interests, and become a part of your community. All of these things can help increase your sense of contentment while acclimating into a …

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Jun 01

4 Tips for the Trailing Spouse

Me a “trailing spouse”? Yes I am. I followed my new husband to a brand new state (NJ to Western PA) for his job shortly after we got married. Of course it was exciting, it was a brand new life. We didn’t really have a plan. We were truly starting over from scratch. It was …

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