6 Essentials for COLD Weather Running


I love to run – especially outdoors! But as much as I love it, it is really hard for me to be motivated to hit the pavement during the cold weather months. Realistically, I know that I will warm up before I complete that first half mile. But, anticipating that initial chill in the air, I know that I will go to the gym instead and hit the treadmill. Although it is not as exhilarating for me, I try to make the most of it.

Screenshot_2016-02-01-13-43-22-1There are some days, like today, where we caught a break with the weather and it was not as frigid. Between 35-60 degrees is perfect for me!! So I happily took advantage and made sure I got out there and put in some miles. While I was running, I thought about what I would need to increase the likelihood of me running outside in cold weather on a more regular basis. As I was thinking, I realized I already have many of these items! So along with adapting a “Just Do It” mindset, here are 6 essentials for COLD weather running that will enable US to enjoy running outdoors through all seasons.



We lose most of our heat through our heads. So wearing a hat is a must. Choose one made from a breathable fabric that will fit snugly over your head and ears.

Running Top
When running in cold weather, you definitely want to layer your clothes. Wearing a long-sleeved top as your base will help to keep your core warm.

Light Jacket
Next, you want a light-weight jacket that will function as added layer of warmth and will also protect against wind. During the course of your run, you may find that you may warm up enough that it can easily be removed tied around your waist.

Running Pants
I see runners wearing various forms of leg gear during winter runs. Some opt for shorts regardless of the temperature, while others opt for sweatpants. However, what I think works best is a running pant that will trap heat on the interior and dry quickly whisking away moisture.

Running Socks
My feet are always cold! So I typically would just throw on a pair (or two) of cotton sports socks before I put on my sneakers and hope that my feet wouldn’t get too cold. However, I was very happy to learn that there are socks made specifically for cold weather running that help to keep you warm and dry.

Wearing regular gloves during runs is not always the best option. In many instances, they can be bulky and your hands will get too hot as you get into your run. Investing in a good pair of running gloves will provide you with needed warmth for the duration of your run. Additionally, they are lightweight enough that they can easily fit in a pocket should they need to be removed.

Hopefully you now have some good ideas for what to add to your cold weather running gear. Making the cold weather a non-factor will allow you (and me) to focus on the running experience itself.

– Wishing you continued success in your fitness journey!

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