How I Finally Managed My GI Issues


For the last month I’ve been struggling with GI and digestion issues. I had not made any changes to my normal healthy diet, but suddenly after each meal I would suffer from bloating and extreme discomfort. This was often accompanied by alternating episodes of constipation and diarrhea. As a result, I struggled through my workouts and experienced bouts of fatigue. It was misery.

At first, I went back to the basics and tried the BRAT diet:
B – Bananas
R – Rice
A – Applesauce
T – Toast

Unfortunately, this did not work and left me frustrated more than ever. Next, I eliminated lactose and gluten. That offered a bit of relief, but ultimately I still experienced a level of discomfort that stayed with me all day long.

I finally decided to go to the doctor and was advised that a stomach bug was going around. She advised that I was fortunate in that I was not experiencing nausea and that I should wait it out. In the interim, she would test to see if I had an intestinal infection. A week later, the test came back negative. Great! However, I was still experiencing systems. Now what? Well, after doing some research on my own, I discovered some strategies that have provided amazing relief for me.

EAT SLOWER. This sounds very simple, but it is a huge key. Your brain does not immediately recognize that your stomach is full. In fact, it may take another 15-20 minutes for it to register. Therefore, you are at risk of eating more than you actually need. Eating slower allows more time for that signal to be triggered. It allows better digestion as well. Otherwise, we’ve all experienced that feeling of eating too much and the discomfort it causes.

DANDELION ROOT EXTRACT. I discovered the power of dandelion root! I add it to my water between meals and started experiencing some relief. Dandelion is an herb used for many conditions including an upset stomach, intestinal gas, and as a digestive tonic. It should be noted that there is mixed support and evidence on its benefits, but in my situation I thought it was worth trying. So far, it’s been very effective.

YOGA. This has been the game-changer for me. I started practicing yoga about a year ago and have experienced many benefits. As I’ve gotten deeper into my practice and studied more, I recently found a tremendous amount of resources on the subject – Yoga for digestive health. There are many postures that involve the twisting and stretching of your digestive organs that are beneficial to digestive health and help to ease symptoms. I’ve been practicing these poses in the morning and night and experienced immediate benefits.

Finally, I feel like I am back to my old self. These three simple strategies have made all the difference for me. Perhaps they can provide some relief for you as well. As always, you should consult with your healthcare practitioner first.

– Wishing your continued success in your fitness journey!

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