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Dec 29

4 Keys to Overcome Self-Sabotaging Behavior

Self-sabotaging behaviors prevent you from conditioning yourself for success. And changing those long, established behavior patterns like self-sabotage is as difficult as recognizing and understanding them. How, then, can you eliminate sabotaging beliefs and emotions? First, understand and accept yourself before attempting to understand and accept others. You have to take a journey within for …

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Dec 28

10 Strategies to Overcome Procrastination NOW!

Trying to realize our ambitions, even if we don’t always meet them, is preferable to not having the courage or motivation to take the risk. So not making any resolutions because we fear that we’ll break them is having a defeatist attitude! As we allow procrastination to become an insidious habit, it stops us from …

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Dec 27

6 Keys to Building Your Self-Confidence

I am sure everyone will agree that you cannot achieve much in life without a good deal of self confidence. A state of inner confidence is only achieved through a balanced mixture of high self-esteem, realistic belief in yourself, a good measure of self-respect and an accurate positive self-image.

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Jan 02

10 Tips to Improve Your Assertive Behavior

Assertiveness is a life skill; useful both inside and outside work. However, the reactions and behaviors we employ now are the result of years of fine tuning. Being assertive doesnít happen overnight, but the more practice you get, the more skilled you become. And while you may not always get what you want, you will …

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