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Jul 28

Volunteer to Increase Satisfaction

Are you a trailing spouse, unemployed, or looking for something more meaningful in your life? Volunteering is an excellent way to meet new people, find fulfillment and satisfaction, use your skills and interests, and become a part of your community. All of these things can help increase your sense of contentment while acclimating into a …

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Jul 26

Bill O’Reilly Makes Absurd Quote About Slaves

Our First Lady, Michelle Obama delivered a powerful and heartfelt speech at the Democratic National Convention on Monday. Regardless of where you stand on the political vortex, there was a particular line in her speech that resonated with many people who were watching: “I wake up every morning in a house that was built by …

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Jun 01

4 Tips for the Trailing Spouse

Me a “trailing spouse”? Yes I am. I followed my new husband to a brand new state (NJ to Western PA) for his job shortly after we got married. Of course it was exciting, it was a brand new life. We didn’t really have a plan. We were truly starting over from scratch. It was …

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Mar 10

V Magazine’s 100th Issue Features Gabourey Sidibe in Lingerie

You know Gabourey Sidibe. She was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress based on her role in the 2009 film, Precious. Currently, she stars in the popular Fox musical drama series Empire as Becky Williams. Gabourey is a talented actress, however she is often the target of controversy due to her size.

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Mar 10

Ad Featuring Plus-sized Models in Lingerie Rejected By Networks

Many of you are now familiar with plus-sized model, Ashley Graham. Ashley recently made waves for being featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit addition. This was applauded by many for embracing a different body type and representing it in a positive way.

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Feb 25

Khloe Kardashian’s 6-Pack Abs

Khloe Kardashian recently posted the pic below on her Instagram account. She came under fire by some because there was evidence that her previous pic (since removed) showed evidence that it had been photoshopped. But looking at this original pic, I have to say there is no reason for any altering. It is clearly evident …

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Feb 24

Olivia Munn’s Secrets for Amazing Skin

I love Olivia Munn! She has a natural beauty that is refreshing to see in today’s society. Olivia was recently in the news to comment on the changed appearance of her face. Frankly, I do not think it is all that drastic where she needed to explain herself. But I’m glad she did! She provided …

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Feb 23

Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Toned Physique

Check out Jennifer Lopez! She posted the pic below on her Instagram account and she looks amazing. She’s in her mid 40s and has a body that can rival anyone half her age. Jen’s physique can be attributed to meeting with her trainer, Tracy Anderson, four to five times a week. Her sessions last between 30-90 …

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