Body Beast


TRANSFORM Your Body in 90 Days!

For the next 90 days of Body Beast, you need to do just 2 things
1. Follow Your Body Beast Workout Calendar. You’ll do a different workout every day—less than an hour a day—6 days a week. Every workout is designed to take you one visible step closer to the total body transformation you’ll see by Day 90 using Dynamic Set Training.
2. Follow Your Body Beast Eating Plan. No stress. No guesswork. We’ve done the research for you, so all you have to to…is eat. And this is no starvation diet. You have to feed your body right if you want to burn fat and build lean muscle.

12 Dynamic Set Training workouts on 4 DVDs:

Super sets, Giant sets, and Single sets, to create strength and definition in the first 30 days.
4 workouts: Chest & Tris • Back & Bis • Legs • Shoulders

Multi-sets, Progressive sets, Combo sets, and Force sets push your body to develop power and jaw-droppingly defined lean muscle.
5 workouts: Back • Chest • Shoulders • Arms • Legs

An incredible rotation through the 12 Body Beast workouts to put the finishing touches on your new physique.

Also includes a Body Beast Eating Plan and much, much more! CLICK HERE and order the Body Beast workout today

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