Beat Fitness Apathy!


You started your new fitness routine with the best intentions. In fact, you were extremely motivated to finally get healthy and get back into the best shape of your life. Each week you diligently planned your meals and scheduled your workouts. Those first few weeks were great! Your family has been more than supportive. Even you’re friends and co-workers admired how dedicated you were. But after those initial few weeks you slowly started to lose your mojo. Now you are at the point where you are ready to just throw in the towel. What happened? Unfortunately, this is a familiar scenario for many who have started on a fitness journey. In many instances, it is a result of the need for immediate gratification, boredom, lack of time, or a combination of all.

Often when we start any workout program we want (and sometimes expect) to see immediate results. This is intensified by the fact that we now live in a society where we have can have the convenience of instant access and immediate gratification for many areas of our lives. We have convenience at our fingertips. So, when it comes to fitness, we want the same satisfaction – especially considering the time and effort put in. But no, it does not work that way.

You did not gain weight overnight. In many instances, weight gain and a poor diet evolved over a period of many months or years. Therefore, a health and fitness program requires the benefit of time to reap positive results as well. BE PATIENT! The results will come and it will be worth it.

When beginning a workout program, each meal and exercise session was exciting and new. We really looked forward to discovering new healthy recipes and planning out workout schedules for the week. However, as time when on, we started to revert to meals we already know and found easy to prepare. Workout sessions become routine as well. A couple of more weeks go by and the boredom is overwhelming. There are so many other things that would be more fun to do.

It’s important to sustain the same level of enthusiasm and diligence throughout your fitness program. Search for new recipes, swap with friends, and discover on your own new ways to prepare healthy food. Spice up your fitness routine by rotating the activities. Try a new class at the gym, create your own routines at home, incorporate a variety of on demand workouts such as the Daily Burn and Beachbody. There are also weight loss and supplement meal plans available such as Medifast, and IdealShape.

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The end result will be a health and fitness routine that is exciting and keeps you motivated.


We start our fitness programs with great thought and planning. Meals are planned in advance, our gym bags are packed and ready by the door, we determined whether our workouts were best in the morning or after work, and our sessions with the personal trainer were scheduled accordingly. But now it seems we no longer have the time to squeeze in a workout session anymore. We may get to the gym 1-2 times a week, but that is only if we’re lucky. We have so many other priorities – family, work, etc. There is just never enough time in the day anymore.

It comes down to priorities and commitments! If your schedule tends to be sporadic and hectic during the day, get up 20 minutes earlier to fit in a workout before your day gets ahead of you. You can also scrutinize your schedule to see where there are other hidden windows of opportunity. The bottom-line is that you will make time for the things that are important. YOU are important! So make health and fitness a priority in your life and keep that commitment. Being healthy and energized will make you better equipped to manage and actively participate in a busy and fulfilling life.

– Wishing you continued success in your fitness journey!

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