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Happily coupled, trailing spouse currently residing in Pittsburgh, health & fitness coach, animal advocate, sports fan, celebrity/entertainment junkie, & passionate about helping others to achieve their goals.

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Jun 16

7 Tips to Curb Carb Consumption

If you are like many, you love carbs – the unhealthy ones! They are everywhere and packed into many of the foods that we would love to enjoy on a daily basis. My favorite carb happens to be bread. I could eat bread throughout the day everyday! I’m getting a bit excited thinking about that, …

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Jun 02

Fit Over 40 – 4 Quick Tips to Staying Healthy & Fit

Fit over 40? Yes, it is possible! However, staying healthy and fit once you reach 40 can be daunting and feel like an uphill battle. You experience a decline in energy and your metabolism slows down. Personally, this has been the biggest struggle for me!! As a result what happens? Yep, weight gain that adversely …

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May 25

How to Have More Energy Every Day

Do you ever find yourself in a place where you’re sluggish and fatigued each day? Do you find yourself going to bed late, fuelling the fatigue? Are you finding that breaking the late-to-bed habit is an ongoing process? If so, have faith. This was me for a long time. I then came to realise there …

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May 23

Health & Fitness Changed My Life

Yep, I’m lucky! I get to follow my passion, earn a living, and help others in the process. I had a great career traditional Corporate America, but I wasn’t passionate about it. Health and fitness is what I’m drawn to and coaching others to be their best always came to me naturally. So when the …

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May 20

7 Tips to Break Your Sugar Addiction

Are you a sugar addict? Do you always crave some sugary snack or beverage? If you are unable to get your sugar fix, do you start feeling tired, light headed or confused? You’re not alone! In fact, this use to be me too. Sugar addiction is one of the most widespread of addictions affecting many …

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May 19

Are Your Relationships Sabotaging Your Healthy Lifestyle?

Are you surrounded by temptation from your family, friends, and co-workers? Is it hard to say no to those lunch dates you know will be filled with calorie-rich food? How about those home-baked goods your co-worker brings in each week? And who can resist those decadent chocolate treats from your partner? Sticking to healthy eating …

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May 18

Prepping for My 21 Day Fitness Challenge

Is it Wednesday already? The week seems to really be flying by. Today I got off to a great start. My workout of choice – 21 Day Fix Total Body Cardio Fix. I know the challenge does not start until next week. But I have this habit of wanting to give myself a realistic preview …

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May 17

Accountability Partners = Fitness RESULTS!

When my husband and I first started dating, he had about 25 pounds to lose. He later told me that at the time, he had rarely worked out and his eating habits were not the best. It was not uncommon for him to indulge in fast food and DiGiornio’s homemade pizza. This was completely opposite …

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