Jul 28

Volunteer to Increase Satisfaction


Are you a trailing spouse, unemployed, or looking for something more meaningful in your life? Volunteering is an excellent way to meet new people, find fulfillment and satisfaction, use your skills and interests, and become a part of your community. All of these things can help increase your sense of contentment while acclimating into a new environment.

When my husband and I relocated to Pittsburgh, we left our families, friends, and our old life behind to start a new one together. He had his work to occupy the majority of his time and it served as the foundation of his new network as well. My experience was different. We decided that I would not return to the traditional workforce and would instead follow my passion to build a health and fitness blog and focus on coaching. This also meant that I had limited live interactions with others each day.

Focusing on our respective work, the process of adapting into our new community was slow. So, we decided we needed to figure out a way to become more involved. We discussed our interests and we both share a love of animals and mentoring children. After a bit of research, we decided to participate with the Butler County Humane Society to work with animals that are waiting to be adopted into their forever homes. We also became a “big couple” to a “little” in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America  organization.

These volunteer activities were a tremendous benefit to us in a number of ways.

  • We met wonderful people in our community who shared our love for children and animals.

  • We established ongoing relationships with program administrators and participants.

  • We became more active and familiar with our community.

  • We attend events hosted by the organizations which allows for the interaction with other volunteers who we instantly have something in common.

  • We developed a sense of fulfillment by actively supporting worthy causes.

Volunteering can offer the possibility to choose from thousands of opportunities – some you might never have considered – and to connect with people and your community. Additionally, it can reestablish a sense of lost fulfillment to your life, introduce you to new friends, and help you learn new skills.

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